UDS Game App Reviews

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Nice app

For businessman or customers, this app is amazing with the way you earn points or advertise your business.

Must have app on your phone !

Number 1 discount & cash back app ! Every time it’s getting better and better ! Must have app for customers & business owners !

Friends With Benefit$ !

When any friend I recommend becomes a UDS Game member (free) and goes to a place I refer them to, every time she goes there I get points I can use there as cash back off my bill when I go. I even get points from anyone she recommends who goes there. Its all totally digital and points really add up when you know a lot of people and you have some favorite places. Great idea. I just wish there were more places with UDS Game. They give a bonus though if you sign up your favorite place. Great idea.

Business opportunity

Great fresh idea. I guess anyone could make a lot of money on this if they just participate


I want to enjoy this app but nothing pops up near me. I would really like someone to contact me. Is this game only in certain states???

Version 2.0

New features are great and convenient, love this app!

Love this App!

Love the idea in general and I think it's such a great solution to combine a few marketing tools in one App! Amazing opportunities for small businesses!



Супер Приложение

Даааа....Приложение просто супер !Решает все вопросы ....Когда первый раз столкнулся был в шоке )))

Приложение отличное.

Наконец решили вопрос с дисконтными картами! А накопительные скидки это приятно)


Нет никого в США а мне рекламировались что уже есть движение в Нью Йорке !

Uds Game

Удобное Приложение, я много путешествую и Приложение помогает мне экономить на покупках) разработчикам респект 👍🏻😎😎😎


Очень удобное приложение! Всегда собой все скидки!!!

Отличный отзыв

Очень хорошее приложение, уже пользуюсь и получаю скидки

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